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I need the documentation of the long Westfalia Kupplung!!!

Verfasst: Donnerstag 13. März 2008, 17:07
von crisofilax
Hello everybody!!, I got an used westfalia kupplung and I need the documentation of it to legalize it. I had in my old computer the copy from the old LJ freunde bulletin where it was, it's a paper with a draw and some measurements and the mounting diagrams.

Can you post it or send me to my mail? please!!

Does anybody know where the old lj freunde buletin is now?


Verfasst: Donnerstag 13. März 2008, 20:11
von ASBalu
Hello Crisofilax :-)

I sent you an eMail...
I hope this is what you need.

Best regards,
Andreas :-)

Verfasst: Freitag 14. März 2008, 01:29
von Nepomuk
hi Adrian.
You can also download it from this site:

AHK LJ80 - Typ Westfalia 878 1108
Kind Regards

Verfasst: Montag 24. März 2008, 10:52
von crisofilax
Thanks!.... this is what I was looking for!!!
You are cool!!!